Top 15 techniques to double your conversion with landing page optimization


The landing page is responsible to generate qualified leads for your business. Who wouldn’t like to have a high converting landing page? More conversions automatically mean more profit and it also make sense for any business. The main aim of a well-designed landing page is to capture leads and convert them into profit. Therefore, the landing page must be designed with this aspect in mind. Make your landing pages interesting and engaging so that people like to visit your website again and again and again!!

Want to witness an increase in the conversion rate? If so, below written top 15 techniques will help you to enhance the conversions in the shortest time interval.

Clear and Concise Landing Page Design

It is important to make it easier for your visitors to know what your company is all about, what you are offering and what you want them to do. Many businesses who don’t focus on landing page designing & testing, are losing a their potential customers.

  1. Landing page designing must be easy-to-navigate to avoid conversion drop-offs. Clear the page from unnecessary information, images and clutter. Make it easy for your customers to navigate through your landing page.

  1. Online users do not read the content completely, therefore, make it accessible for them to scan the page. Use specifically written and easy to understand bullet points that make it convenient for your customers to know what you are offering.

  1. Having a clearly designed landing page is important to focus the user’s attention to your offer. Leave some empty or white space on your page to increase your conversions.

  1. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” so use images to interact with your online visitors. Images are very effective in lead generation as more interested a person is in your landing page, more easily will he convert.

  1. Your landing page also needs to clear the 5 second test. If your page does not appeal to its visitors in the first look, your online audience may leave and move on to other pages, which in certain cases, may be of your competitor’s.

Marketing is An Important Aspect

You direct the traffic from social media sites or email campaigns toward your landing page and when the online users land on your page, it must engage them so that they convert easily. So, remember to optimize your marketing tactics for increased conversion rate.

  1. The Call To Action asks the visitors to take an action that you want them to take. Therefore, the CTA should stand out from the page. It must be the most prominent feature of your landing page. So design call to action button with contrasting colors and keep it short.

  1. Use your marketing skills to define how your services are better than your competitors. Use a unique selling point or an impressive tag-line to stay ahead in the competition. The more convening your marketing tactics are, the more easily you will secure leads and sales.

  1. Use interesting phases to create a sense of urgency. According to a study, it has been found that people show an immediate response if a sense of urgency is created. Limit the supply of your offers or the number of offers by using expressions like, “only two days left, special offer for a limited time, don’t miss out.”

  1. If you want to increase your conversions, it is important that you have knowledge about the customers you are planning to target. Make a list of targeted markets. Remember the better you understand your clients, more easily will you be able to target them.

  1. Apart from customers, having knowledge about your competitors is also essential. Do a competitive analysis to find out the difference between your landing page and the one that your competitor’s have.

Develop Trust On your Landing Page

If you want to increase your conversion rate, building business credibility is vital. Be upfront about your services and products to the customers and make sure to communicate your services well. Remember, the more your audience trust you, more easily will they make a purchase.

  1. An essential factor that must be present on a landing page is your contact information. Show your phone number, links to your social media profiles, your address and if possible, a map of your location as well.

  1. Never promise a service or a time limit that you will be unable to fulfill. Remember, do not go over the top and over-promise something. If you want to increase your customers trust, make claims that you can fulfill easily.

  1. Consistency is an obvious point, but often the most neglected one. Keep your campaign consistent, if you want to generate leads. Make it a point to keep the list of benefits same throughout the marketing campaign to develop your customers trust easily.

  1. When writing content for the landing page, remember to keep the tone conversational. Talk to your customers and use “you” often in the context. Craft personal marketing campaigns, according to the targeted areas and customers. To impart trust, makes sure that your business relates to your customer’s requirement personally.

  1. Including testimonials from your previous clients is another way to increase your business credibility. People often trust customer reviews more than what a company says, so make sure to include positive reviews of your customers. To make it look more authentic, you can use your customer’s name and photo with the testimonials.

While designing a high converting landing page, remember to keep the length of the content in mind. An optimum balance must be maintained to increase your conversion rates. As the landing page is often seen as a part of the online campaign, remember to focus on the technical aspects as well. The landing page must be optimized using the Right Keywords, Page Titles, and Meta Tags.

Start with these few tips and get more leads and sales. The landing page is the face of your business, so remember to optimize it for increased profit.