How Perfect Landing Page Design Can Make Your Website into Lead Generation Machine


As more people are turning to the Internet to buy services or to find a solution to their problems, it is crucial that you turn your landing page into a place where you can easily capture leads and convert them into prospective customers. Failing to do the same will make it difficult for your business to earn a profit. Therefore, if you want to convert your website into a lead generation machine, it is vital to design a highly attractive, unique and functional landing page.

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page or a lead capturing page is an important part of the website that is dedicated to a single niche. The main motive of a landing page is to convert a majority of your visitors into leads. However, it is often the most neglected aspect of a website. This is because, marketers have always focused on driving the online visitors to the website without having a clear idea of how the users reach there and where to take them next.

The main purpose of a landing page is to tell the visitors what should they do and how to do it. Home pages are great for directing traffic, however if you want to target a particular set of the populace, make sure to have an attractive landing page for your website. When done in the correct manner, the landing page can help your business earn a greater return on investment (ROI).

Characteristic of a Landing Page

A landing page must possess the following characteristic to convert your website into a lead generation machine.

  • Valuable Content

So now that you are planning to convert your website into a lead generation machine, the first step would be to design a landing page that can easily attract the visitors to your website. Are you still thinking how to do it? If so, the best way would be to create informative and unique content. Write a copy of the landing page that define all your services in a concise manner and give a reason to people to opt for them. Instead of choosing promotional content, write a copy that solves your targeted audience problems.

  • Brand Your Page

Branding the landing page is a great way to make sure that people recognizes your business. Your business logo needs not be too prominent but should be readily visible. Adding your brand is crucial if your potential customers are coming in through a non-branded source. Remember to maintain consistency on the landing page to build confidence among your customers.

  • A Contact Number

As an online business owner, it is important to give out your contact details to make it easier for your customers to reach out to your services. If you own an e-commerce website, giving out a phone number may seem to a counter-intuitive thing, but it will help your business to gain customer’s trust. Even if your customers are not going to call you, the presence of a phone number on the landing page will help your business to build credibility.

  • Stay Focused

People generally do not read every word of the web copy, therefore it is important to remain focused and include only the important information on the landing page. A targeted landing page is tailor made according to the requirements of your customers and thus can easily convert them into leads. You can include impressive and interactive headings and subheadings to catch your audience attention.

  • Lead Generation Forms

If you want to increase the number of viable leads, having a lead generation form on the landing page is a necessity. Remember, the less information you ask for, more people will be interested to fill in the form. Divide the opt-in form in different sections to make it easier for your customers to fill in their details.

  • Testimonials With Images

Having a positive review from your previous customers on the landing page will increase your prospective clients trust in you. Testimonials are powerful marketing tools and including pictures of the clients can take them a step further. You can also include video testimonials on the landing page to make a powerful impact on your online visitors.

  • Use Contrasting Colors

To make the call to action pop up, it is advised to use contrasting colors. A bright call to action against a light colored background keep the online users’ attention focused where you want. Remember to choose general design and colors, but don’t be afraid to experiment with the colors before finalizing the copy of the landing page.

  • Match The Landing Page With the Ad Copy

An online user may have landed on the landing page of your company by clicking on a PPC ad or through any other source, therefore, make sure that both the copies matches with each other. For instance; if the ad copy says, “grab a demo”, the landing page should also say a similar thing. If both the copies do not match, you can possibly lose on your prospective customers.

  • Use The Space Wisely

White space can have a large impact on the web design, therefore, use the space carefully. Instead of filling up the landing page with unnecessary content and images, leave some white space to avoid distraction. Multiple images and unnecessary content can distract the users from their goal of visiting the page. So whatever you choose to include on the landing page, make sure that everything goes well with each other.

  • Consider The End Goal

You must begin designing your landing page by keeping the end result in mind. How do you actually define leads? Do you want your customers to sign up for a newsletter? Do you want them to request a callback? Or do you want them to fill up a form? You may define a lead in different ways but make sure to have a clearly defined conversion goal in mind before starting.

  • Testing Is The Key

It is vital to test your landing page to ensure that it will easily convert leads into prospective customers. Design different landing page and see what works best for your unique situation. Testing is the only way to make sure that the landing page works in a way in which you want it to.

Landing pages are important to direct your visitors toward a goal. When you design a customized landing page, you are giving a unique experience to your visitors, which increases your chances of capturing the leads. A well-designed landing page will help you to convert more and work less, so make sure that you have designed the best landing page for your business website.


How To Increase Ranking And Traffic Of New Website ?

Google Ranking

As an entrepreneur, you want to have a highly successful business. Every webmaster aims to increase relevant traffic to his website, no matter what kind of a business he has. However, dreaming about the same is not going to yield results rather you have to take an action to increase your website ranking on Google to witness an increase in the web traffic.

In the beginning, it may look like a simple task, but it is not so. Google regularly release it updates to give a better experience to the users and to rank the websites accordingly. There are no shortcuts to increase traffic to your site or to make it popular. It takes a lot of patience and you have to invest a lot of time to see the results. The tips shared in this post will help you to increase your website ranking and amplify the amount of traffic towards your site.

Creating Relevant Traffic

Startups, bloggers, and new entrepreneurs understand the importance of creating relevant traffic for their website. This approach takes a lot of efforts as you have to create a base of loyal customers who will return to your services. Here are some tips that will help you with the same.

  • Informative Content

Do not write an article just because you have to, rather know more about what your customers are interested in and then write unique and informative content to satisfy their needs. The search giant gives preferences to a website having quality content rather than a website having excessive yet irrelevant content. Therefore, before you start to write down a post, think from your online audience prospect and then write something that will interest them the most.

  • Articles on Futuristic Trends

A majority of bloggers write articles on the latest trends. While this is important, focusing on the futuristic trends is also necessary to catch your audience interest. If you want to attract more traffic to your website, write about something that will attract their interest for a long time. Write something that would be equally interesting to read in the next few years to come.

  • Interact With Your Users

You must engage the users in active conversations to increase relevant traffic toward your website. If someone comments on an article posted by you, make sure that you reply to it as soon as possible. If your readers are happy with you, they will spread a good word of mouth about your services which will help you to generate traffic to your site. Be friendly with your online visitors and try to keep them happy.

Browsing Traffic

Browsing traffic means to get potential traffic with the help of other users. There are a large number of organization or users who can direct traffic to your website. If you are ready to spend some money on getting traffic toward your site, this will really help you to increase your rank on Google and will also increase the inflow of traffic to your website.

  • Online Marketing

A common term that you may have heard, online marketing is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website. However, many people are still unaware of the benefits that they can avail by choosing an E-mail marketing strategy. Certain companies and individuals have a large list of subscribers and they will help you with the E-mail marketing to generate traffic. They may charge a small amount of money or offer their services free of cost. They will send attractive and informative E-mails to their users who will further subscribe to your services thus increasing traffic toward your website.

  • Ask Other Bloggers

Many companies are using this approach to increase traffic to their business site. Entrepreneurs generally pay a large sum of money to publish their posts on someone else blog who is receiving high internet traffic. The bloggers audit the site before publishing the link as they are concern about the site they are referring their traffic to. You can also become a member of the blogger community to widen your reach.

Purchasing Traffic

This is one of the most expensive yet the best way to generate traffic. Campaigns and advertisements will help you to increase traffic to your new website easily.

  • Facebook Ads

If you are targeting a specific group of the audience or a demography, Facebook Ads gives you a chance to focus on your target audience easily. You can filter the Facebook Ads and show them at a specific time or to people searching for the keyword you have targeted your ads at.

  • Google AdWords

A popular advertisement platform, Google AdWords is used to run cost-per-click (CPC) campaigns. Well-established businesses and startups rely on Google AdWords to generate leads and prospective clients. It has a large community of AdSense publishers who make your advertisement easily accessible to people around the globe.

Technical Standards

A well-developed website having the following features will help you to rank high in the search results.

  • Low Loading Time

When ranking a website, page loading time is an essential factor considered by a search engine. A website that has low loading time, generally rank higher than its counterpart. Therefore, develop your site in such a manner that it takes less than 3 seconds to load.

  • The Bounce Rate

Having a low bounce rate is good for your website as it means that the user stayed on your page for a long time. Make sure that people do not leave your website as soon as they visit it by including some informative and unique content on our web page along with relevant images.

  • Simple Web Design

Do not make it difficult for your users to figure out what to do next, rather keep your web design simple. If you want to rank high in the search engine results make sure that you design a responsive website as Google also give preference to them.

If you implement the ideas given in this post, it will help you to generate traffic to your new business website and give it the required exposure. Also, remember that it is the quality of the content, not the quantity that will help you to secure more users. So implement the tips and tricks given in this post to rank your website high in the SERPs.

Top 20 Techniques To Run E-commerce Store Successfully

Ecommerce store optimization

E-commerce websites are now present all over the internet. In the recent years, a huge growth has been observed in the E-commerce sector. What was once considered as a far reaching dream that only large and well-established business owner could afford, is now becoming a reality for startups.

If you intend to become successful and want to create a niche for your business in the online world, the following top 20 techniques will help you to do the same. Let’s know more about different tips and tricks that will help you to run your E-commerce store successfully and establish your business as a brand.

  1. Differentiate Your Business

Think about different factors that set your business apart. Do you sell exclusive merchandise? Have you priced your products at a low price? Do you offer the best customer services? Why should the customers visit your online store?

  1. Set Your Business USP

As an E-commerce business, it is vital that you develop a unique selling proposition to attract potential clients and new customers. Visitors always come to your page looking for something, therefore, make sure that your E-commerce business solve at least one of their problems, which nobody else is able to resolve.

  1. Understand Your Customers

It is important that you have knowledge about your target audience. Give them a reason to buy your services instead of going to your competitors. After understanding who your actual customer are, you can easily develop a targeted strategy to focus on their requirements.

  1. Sell According To Your Customers Needs

Once you know who your customers are, you can easily focus on their needs. Keep in mind the latest trends to remain ahead of the curve. For example, if you have a clothing line, keep up with the recent trends and sell apparels that are high in demand.

  1. Sell For A Profit

Competition is fierce in the E-commerce world, therefore it is essential to offer the best services to your clients to convert them into loyal customers. You can find several sources to buy high-quality products at economical rates, but you can sell them for a profit to your visitors. You can also give discounts to your customers to attract them.

  1. Get Found

Having an E-commerce store is of no use, if your potential customers are unable to find you. Therefore, invest in advertisements, SEO of your website, social media sharing, blogging and use various other marketing tactics to make it easy for your customers to find you in the dot com world.

  1. Don’t Complicate The Purchasing Process

You may have come across different online stores that make purchasing process inconvenient for their customers. Therefore, avoid committing this mistake if you want to run your E-commerce store successfully. Simplify the process for your customers so that they do not abandon the shopping cart before paying up.

  1. Design a Fast Loading Website

As an E-commerce website, it is bound to have numerous images, however, this should not be the reason for the site to load slowly. The website must load fast to attract potential customers’ attention otherwise they will move on to another option.

  1. Description Of The Product

Use relevant and unique description to describe the products, so that the visitors can get to know more about them before making a purchase. A clear and appropriate image must also accompany the product description to help the customers make a decision easily.

  1. In-Stock Products

Another way to run an E-commerce store successfully is to tell your visitors, whether the product they are looking at is in-stock or is already taken up. You can remove the products from the website that have already been taken up to prevent confusion.

  1. Keep The Search Bar Within Reach

A search bar on your E-commerce website will help the visitors to find the product they are looking for easily, so keep it well within reach. Also, make sure that the search remember the user query and show it the next time the same keyword is typed for potential modification.

  1. Confirm The Order

Reassure your visitors that their order has been accepted and give them an expected delivery date. You can send them a reassurance mail to make sure that they know when to expect the products they have ordered.

  1. List Out The Details Of The Order

When your customers has ordered something from your E-commerce store, make sure that you send them an email as soon as possible giving out the details of the order. This will help them to make changes if any, at the earliest.

  1. Delivery Of The Products

If you want to run your E-commerce store successfully, remember to gain your customers’ trust. Ship the products on time while keeping up with your standards. You can easily lose your customers if you oversell your services or under deliver the same, therefore, avoid doing it.

  1. Easy Payment Option

People are still afraid to divulge their details online therefore make the payment option secure for your customers. Using different features to offer multiple modes of payments will surely get your store some serious business.

  1. Build Relationships

As an E-commerce store owner, you need to build a relationship with your customers to run the store successfully. Encourage customer engagement by organizing events, via social media and through other online activities. Take part in conversations to attract prospective clientele toward your business.

  1. Don’t Forget The Mobile

With the increasing use of mobile phones and other hand-held devices, it is vital to target the mobile customers to earn a profit. Design a responsive website for your E-commerce store so that people can easily shop your products and services even on the go.

  1. Give Your Store a Fresh Look

Refresh your website content occasionally to give the E-commerce store an amazing look. Use seasonal updates and offer special discounts to make the visitors return to your store. You can also use different themes to make your online store look amazing.

  1. Encourage User’s Reviews

Positive reviews from your customers will encourage other visitors to purchase services or products from your E-commerce store. Therefore, encourage your loyal customers to leave a testimonial about your services. This will help you to build a reputation and boost sales.

  1. Be an Administrator

Last but not the least, remember that your E-commerce store operates 24/7 and it cannot take care of itself. Therefore, make sure that the site is managed around the clock. Have a proper backup of the site and the database in place to deal with any kind of emergency.