Why Do You Need To Switch Your Website To WordPress CMS?

Wprdpress developers

WordPress, one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) used around the world is fast catching entrepreneurs’ attention. According to the latest stats, more than 74 million sites are powered by WordPress. No matter what the size of your blog or website is, WordPress is a powerful tool that will make the things a lot easier for you. Still not convinced whether you should switch you business website to WordPress or not? Well, if you answered yes, read on to this post and by the time you reach the end, you will have a phone in your hand to call your web developer.

Today, I list out 16 reasons why making the switch would be a good idea. So get in touch with your developer and make sure you choose to have a WordPress-powered website for your business.

It’s Free

Yes, WordPress is free. Whether you are developing a new site or want to switch your present business website, the fact the WordPress is 100% free can benefit you a lot. Moreover, if your site becomes popular over a period of time, you will not be required to pay any hidden cost.

It Is Flexible

Another feature that makes WordPress choice of millions is its flexibility. No matter whether you are choosing WordPress to power a blog or want to design an e-commerce website with it, this CMS is versatile enough to help you meet all your needs. WordPress comes with a number of extensive features that helps you to power a blog or website based on your requirements.

Powerful System

Unlike other content management systems, WordPress can be used immediately after installation. In other words, it can be said that you need not hunt down or configure a long list of add-ons. Rather WordPress comes with a number of pre-installed features.

SEO friendly

What is the use of designing a website that your target audience is unable to find? So if you want to increase the popularity of your business, it is important that you increase the visibility of your site. Google and other search engines prefer a website that have been powered by WordPress as the WordPress framework is easy to crawl and hence the site’s visibility can be easily increased.

Easy To Customize

With the easy availability of thousands of themes and plugins, customizing a WordPress website is an easy task. With the click of a button, you can easily customize your site and add or remove functionality that you don’t want. So with this CMS, you can conveniently design and develop a website or a blog that you always wanted to do.

Safe And Secure

You must understand that every popular thing is targeted by hackers and WordPress is no different. However, this CMS takes the security of its customers very seriously and uptake different practices to protect them from potential threats and hackers. The software is constantly updated by WordPress to prevent attacks.

Easy To Use

Another great perk that WordPress comes with is the ease of use. The WordPress platform is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to learn. You can easily learn how to use WordPress in a matter of few minutes. WordPress is also popularly known as “5 minutes Install” because of the ease of use that it offers.

Active Support

There is an active community of WordPress developers that offer support to the people looking forward to learning WordPress or want to power a blog or website. You can easily voice your concern to the extensive WordPress community and they will resolve your concern through WordPress Forums.

Mobile Friendly

With the increasing use of smartphones, it is important for a website to be mobile friendly. The good news is that you can easily target your mobile audience by developing a website with WordPress. It is already mobile friendly and thus switching your business website to WordPress website would be the right decision.

Hosts Multimedia

In order to increase your users interest and to enhance their experience on your website, you can always add some relevant images and videos. WordPress makes it easy for you to include different videos and images into a post or multiple pages.

Easy To Manage

As mentioned earlier, the latest version of WordPress comes with built-in updater for increased security. Moreover, it also inform the users when the themes and plugins are required to be updated. This makes it easier to manage the website as you will never miss an update.

Not A Mere Blog

What was initially started as a mere blog has earned a reputation of being a great platform to design your website. You can develop a new WordPress website or switch your present website easily. As the WordPress contains page and post structure, you can easily add daily blog posts to increase your audience base.

Saves You Money

As WordPress is a free software, you can easily switch your current website without spending a lot of money. It is a user-friendly and open source platform and thus you won’t need technicians to launch or maintain your business website. Moreover, a person is not required to have technical knowledge to deal with WordPress.

Keep Your Site New

With the ease of customization that is offered by WordPress, you can regularly change the look or content of your website to keep it looking fresh. Online visitors always want to visit a website that catches their interest and what’s a better way to attract their attention than by making changes on your web pages?

Schedule Posts

If you need to upload regular posts on your website, WordPress will help you schedule the posts easily. Running a business is often seen as a time-consuming task as you have to look into different aspects. However, if you design a WordPress website, you can schedule the post ahead of time. This means that you can write the articles or blogs and schedule them, according to your convenience.

Add Testimonials

Don’t your website have testimonials? Testimonials left by previous clients are believed to be social proof and positive reviews can convert your prospects into leads. Testimonials assure your customers that investing in your services would be a worthy deal. Thus, if your website does not have testimonials and you are planning to switch your business website, make sure to install different plugins that will help you to display all the reviews left by your customers.

WordPress is one of the best platforms to design your business website. After making a switch, you will never regret your decision and would also recommend other people to develop their website with WordPress. With this content management system, you can easily keep all your files in one place and literally do everything with it. So according to me, you should definitely make a switch to explore the real power of WordPress.

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