How Perfect Landing Page Design Can Make Your Website into Lead Generation Machine


As more people are turning to the Internet to buy services or to find a solution to their problems, it is crucial that you turn your landing page into a place where you can easily capture leads and convert them into prospective customers. Failing to do the same will make it difficult for your business to earn a profit. Therefore, if you want to convert your website into a lead generation machine, it is vital to design a highly attractive, unique and functional landing page.

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page or a lead capturing page is an important part of the website that is dedicated to a single niche. The main motive of a landing page is to convert a majority of your visitors into leads. However, it is often the most neglected aspect of a website. This is because, marketers have always focused on driving the online visitors to the website without having a clear idea of how the users reach there and where to take them next.

The main purpose of a landing page is to tell the visitors what should they do and how to do it. Home pages are great for directing traffic, however if you want to target a particular set of the populace, make sure to have an attractive landing page for your website. When done in the correct manner, the landing page can help your business earn a greater return on investment (ROI).

Characteristic of a Landing Page

A landing page must possess the following characteristic to convert your website into a lead generation machine.

  • Valuable Content

So now that you are planning to convert your website into a lead generation machine, the first step would be to design a landing page that can easily attract the visitors to your website. Are you still thinking how to do it? If so, the best way would be to create informative and unique content. Write a copy of the landing page that define all your services in a concise manner and give a reason to people to opt for them. Instead of choosing promotional content, write a copy that solves your targeted audience problems.

  • Brand Your Page

Branding the landing page is a great way to make sure that people recognizes your business. Your business logo needs not be too prominent but should be readily visible. Adding your brand is crucial if your potential customers are coming in through a non-branded source. Remember to maintain consistency on the landing page to build confidence among your customers.

  • A Contact Number

As an online business owner, it is important to give out your contact details to make it easier for your customers to reach out to your services. If you own an e-commerce website, giving out a phone number may seem to a counter-intuitive thing, but it will help your business to gain customer’s trust. Even if your customers are not going to call you, the presence of a phone number on the landing page will help your business to build credibility.

  • Stay Focused

People generally do not read every word of the web copy, therefore it is important to remain focused and include only the important information on the landing page. A targeted landing page is tailor made according to the requirements of your customers and thus can easily convert them into leads. You can include impressive and interactive headings and subheadings to catch your audience attention.

  • Lead Generation Forms

If you want to increase the number of viable leads, having a lead generation form on the landing page is a necessity. Remember, the less information you ask for, more people will be interested to fill in the form. Divide the opt-in form in different sections to make it easier for your customers to fill in their details.

  • Testimonials With Images

Having a positive review from your previous customers on the landing page will increase your prospective clients trust in you. Testimonials are powerful marketing tools and including pictures of the clients can take them a step further. You can also include video testimonials on the landing page to make a powerful impact on your online visitors.

  • Use Contrasting Colors

To make the call to action pop up, it is advised to use contrasting colors. A bright call to action against a light colored background keep the online users’ attention focused where you want. Remember to choose general design and colors, but don’t be afraid to experiment with the colors before finalizing the copy of the landing page.

  • Match The Landing Page With the Ad Copy

An online user may have landed on the landing page of your company by clicking on a PPC ad or through any other source, therefore, make sure that both the copies matches with each other. For instance; if the ad copy says, “grab a demo”, the landing page should also say a similar thing. If both the copies do not match, you can possibly lose on your prospective customers.

  • Use The Space Wisely

White space can have a large impact on the web design, therefore, use the space carefully. Instead of filling up the landing page with unnecessary content and images, leave some white space to avoid distraction. Multiple images and unnecessary content can distract the users from their goal of visiting the page. So whatever you choose to include on the landing page, make sure that everything goes well with each other.

  • Consider The End Goal

You must begin designing your landing page by keeping the end result in mind. How do you actually define leads? Do you want your customers to sign up for a newsletter? Do you want them to request a callback? Or do you want them to fill up a form? You may define a lead in different ways but make sure to have a clearly defined conversion goal in mind before starting.

  • Testing Is The Key

It is vital to test your landing page to ensure that it will easily convert leads into prospective customers. Design different landing page and see what works best for your unique situation. Testing is the only way to make sure that the landing page works in a way in which you want it to.

Landing pages are important to direct your visitors toward a goal. When you design a customized landing page, you are giving a unique experience to your visitors, which increases your chances of capturing the leads. A well-designed landing page will help you to convert more and work less, so make sure that you have designed the best landing page for your business website.


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