Working with Thinsquare was just an outstanding experience

I just feel on the cloud nine when someone asks me about the secret behind my successful business and I am more than pleased to say that Thinsquare has played a crucial role in bringing that success to me. Surprised? You will definitely be surprised if you have never hired the Thinsquare for any kind of service and even not have read the Thinsquare reviews written by their happy clients. Let me tell you about my experience with the company.

You must agree with the fact that success cannot be achieved overnight; you need to work hard for taking your business to the higher levels of success. There are a number of things that work towards the success of your business and the business website lies on the top of those things. An attractive and engaging website not only makes your business outstanding, but it helps you to attract more customers and increase your business sales. In addition, there are a number of other factors like the website load time, accessibility on different devices and more.

Understanding all these factors, I was looking for a company which would rebuild my existing business website to make it more effective and profitable. Then I came to know about Thinsquare after reading Thinsquare reviews and contacted the company. Though I was aware of my requirements, but was not clear that what modifications are actually required. But, I was just happy when the Thinsquare team listened to me and effectively found out that what I am looking for. They not only completed the work on time, but the end product was much more better than I have expected.

Overall, it has been a great experience to work with Thinsquare. The customer support was great. There was always someone to answer my queries whenever I asked them. I am just surprised that how a company can provide such a good customer support. Moreover, it was not only before the starting of the project that they provided me suggestions and creative ideas, but they continued it till the project got completed. They showed full responsibility towards the work and it always seemed that my work was a priority for them.

Talking about their service prices, I found the prices extremely fair and reasonable. I got much for the money I have paid to them. Highly satisfied with their service quality, i would like to refer Thinsquare to all businesses which are looking for website development or website rebuilding services. For extra confirmation about their service quality, you can also check Thinsquare reviews.


Best Content Management Systems for E-commerce website

E-commerce websiteE-commerce is the most reliable and preferable ways to purchase goods. Its very existence has allowed countless number of businesses reach new heights and take advantage of endless possibilities. Among the several ways in which internet has touch our lives is the manner we sell and purchase stuff, which had also undergone a massive change, courtesy internet. Numerous retailers are choosing to acknowledge the world wide web as wonderful channel of selling with ample rewards and little investment to begin with.

E-commerce plays a substantial part in any business without this revenue cannot be determined. Every website bidder now offer e-commerce package. As new standards, ideas and application for e-commerce role out, the strength of your online presence must support these new trends.

Having a dependable and powerful content management system(CMS) is becoming less of an option and more of a need. Today’s winner in retail are those who provide a strong product and offer at a reasonable prices to their targeted audience. Retailer understands that online customer experience has to develop beyond simple product browse and shopping cart functions. The most valuable customer is galvanized by and emotionally attached to a retail brand. To encourage this behaviour, retailers must personalize their online presence to the customer, provide increasingly rich and offer more engaging online content. If you want to make your e-commerce website more alluring and appealing, than here are some eye-catching CMS for your e-commerce website that make it more engaging and intriguing.

Business Catalyst

It allow you to build typical e-commerce websites that range from small to medium size. Once you sign-up you will get a hosted e-commerce application that provides you with a dedicated content management system (CMS) that has the power to enliven the blogs, shopping carts and forums. You will also be greeted with easy to understand analytics that let you track web site visits and customer activity. Business catalyst not only help to build your website, but also manages it.


Magento is classified as an open source e-commerce platform that eases the flow between design and online sales. Magento is the fastest growing e-commerce solutions in the market, due to its latest and easy to use features. It likes to out-smart other content management systems for e-commerce by providing excellent option to grow your site. Magento is very flexible e-commerce platform that manage your multiple website with and ease.


PrestaShop is an open source e-commerce platform that deliver a wide variety of features such as the full control of inventory, orders, shipping and tracking and allowing you to manage your business in real-time. PretaShop include a powerful catalog management with differentiated product displays, in-built SEO features, a quick and efficient check out mechanism, integrated payment, marketing tools and security. It emerges a one stop solution for the web store selling need of small, medium or large sized retailers.


ZenCart, is a PHP-based system for online store management is popular in the e-commerce website development because of its MySQL database compatibility and ability of easy integration with HTML components. It also allows to handle the things from its back-end, framework of ZenCart is too easy, and if utilized effectively will surely bring out in the way one exactly looking for. ZenCart also gives customers various options on delivery or payment, it is highly flexible and allows the shopping cart to be the main page of your online store.


OpenCart’s admin area has well designed user interface that simplifies the process of tweaking your site. By using this Content Management System platform you can find out a customizable layout that give your product an adequate amount of ‘breathing room’. OpenCart is ideal foe small and medium sized businesses that are looking for flexibility and the power of useful tool at their fingertips.


It is simply a PHP e-commerce shopping application that is built on the os-Commerce GPL code. OsCSS clubs together all the selling functions that any small and medium sized business can need to set-up a virtual store and then adds more into the feature pool to appeal to bigger businesses with advance selling needs. Cross browser compatibility, multi lingual set-up, unlimited categories, product and integrated payment gateways make osCommerce a reliable selling solution fr all sorts of businesses.

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It is important to have fully integrated CMS and commerce platform in your site as it will allow you a more robust and seamless user experience for today’s connect customer. Numerous CMS platform enterprises offers some sort of commence solution and most solutions offer some level of CMS functionality, they are really good at either one or the other. This leaves a gap with regards of user experience, site maintenance and overall commerce conversions. So, there are multifarious CMS companies looking to fill these gaps by creating a true omni-channel digital experience.

Effective Ways to Use Video in Landing Page.

A landing page is a website page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form. When discussing a landing page within a realm of marketing and advertising, it is more common to refer a landing page as being a standalone web page distinct from your page’s main website that has been designed for a single single focused website. This means that your landing page should have no global navigation to tie it your primary website. The main reason for this is to limit the options available to your visitors, helping to guide them toward your intended conversion goal.

Multifarious companies send their advertising, email, or social media traffic to their homepage. This is a huge opportunity to generate traffic in your website. When you know the stream of targeted traffic will be coming to your website, you can increase the likelihood of converting that traffic into leads by using the targeted landing page.

Moreover, videos should be used on your landing page whenever possible, it provide a passive engagement medium where visitors can experience your message with very little effort. Try to add a call to action in your videos, this can be permanently visible, or be shown at a strategic times throughout the videos also use directional cues within the videos to pint your visitors at your landing page’s conversion goal this will ultimately enhance your brand promotion.

Types of Landing Page

The goal of the landing page is to convince the visitors to provide you with his or her information in exchange for a high value offer, they are the best way to convert a person into lead. Landing pages are built to be inserted with the links to a website, when a visitor clicks on a link, he is redirected to the product’s main website. The landing page is similar to the product’s main website, this holds true especially if the site is e-commerce related. Many marketers use the home page of their website as their landing page, but this action is questionable.

There are two basic types of landing page, click through and lead generation

Click Through Landing Page

These are probably the most common form of landing pages, where you find a sharp-looking pages with a large call to action button and where that call to action button is the only clickable element of the page. This page is often used by a middle man between your ad and e-commerce shopping cart, its purpose is to warm up the visitors to your unique value proposition before sending them deeper into the marketing funnel.

Lead Generation Landing Page

These pages are used to capture user data, such as name, email address. The main purpose of this page is to capture user data and collect all the information that will allow you to connect with a market and prospects at subsequent time. A lead capture page will contain a form along with the description of what you will get in return for submitting your personal data.

There are many uses for lead generation landing pages such as:

  • E book or white paper
  • webinar registration
  • consultation for personal services
  • discount coupon/ voucher
  • contest entry
  • free trial

Benefits of Leading Page

People use landing page as a homepage of their website over the past few years, but now, the recent trends in the internet marketing have brought landing page t the forefront of the conversion rate optimization. Nowadays, if you want to increase your chance of converting a visitors into buyers of your product or services, you require an attractive or useful landing page to properly steer potential customers into your sales funnel.

Have you ever wonder, what makes a good landing page? Why do some landing page better than other? And what type of landing page should you use? Like anything else, the answers depend on what you are trying to accomplish. Having a good website and finally choosing what product to sell is the starting point of online marketing but, one has to make sure that he will build a good landing page to spawn profits effectively.

Below are some benefits from leveraging Landing Page to market your business


Landing page are the focused and customized sales pitch, specially designed to get you visitors to take an action. As an extension of your upstream advertising such as paid search and banners they have an ability to increase your conversions rates compared to the effectiveness of campaign that does not use them. Conversions directly impact on your goal, for example- if your business goal is to sell your new book, landing pages can be crafted to specifically compliment that purpose. Your business goal include your visitor to sign up, fill out information, press button ‘like’ or ‘subscribe’ and click through to buy the product and simply influence to brand the image and videos are the better way to get higher conversion rates.

Logging user Information

It is a quick and efficient way to directly influence the campaign, research projects, production creation, future sales and customer service initiatives. By optimizing landing pages to fill out quick information forms, you can analyse the data to determine factors about your audience, such as demographics and social preference.


Advertising efforts can be made efficiently with carefully planned landing pages. By using tools like Google Analytics, Absence and built-in WordPress plugins, can track the effectiveness of your brand campaigns. Some extra benefit of landing page advertising include;

  • higher paid placement
  • higher click through rates
  • larger room for creativity and testing
  • immediate results

A/B testing

If you want to create a multiple landing page and track which performance is best, the A/B testing is a most accurate way to do that. The goal of A/B testing is to experiment with different content to increase goal completion and conversions. Some examples are;

  • Video vs. Hi-res pictures
  • Different copy writing style
  • varied action words
  • switching buttons

An effective landing page is an important marketing tool that not only boosts interest but also provides feedback regarding a particular company offerings. The sooner you start building, testing and optimizing landing pages, the sooner you start getting a correct return on your marketing investment.

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Why Do You Need To Switch Your Website To WordPress CMS?

Wprdpress developers

WordPress, one of the most popular Content Management System (CMS) used around the world is fast catching entrepreneurs’ attention. According to the latest stats, more than 74 million sites are powered by WordPress. No matter what the size of your blog or website is, WordPress is a powerful tool that will make the things a lot easier for you. Still not convinced whether you should switch you business website to WordPress or not? Well, if you answered yes, read on to this post and by the time you reach the end, you will have a phone in your hand to call your web developer.

Today, I list out 16 reasons why making the switch would be a good idea. So get in touch with your developer and make sure you choose to have a WordPress-powered website for your business.

It’s Free

Yes, WordPress is free. Whether you are developing a new site or want to switch your present business website, the fact the WordPress is 100% free can benefit you a lot. Moreover, if your site becomes popular over a period of time, you will not be required to pay any hidden cost.

It Is Flexible

Another feature that makes WordPress choice of millions is its flexibility. No matter whether you are choosing WordPress to power a blog or want to design an e-commerce website with it, this CMS is versatile enough to help you meet all your needs. WordPress comes with a number of extensive features that helps you to power a blog or website based on your requirements.

Powerful System

Unlike other content management systems, WordPress can be used immediately after installation. In other words, it can be said that you need not hunt down or configure a long list of add-ons. Rather WordPress comes with a number of pre-installed features.

SEO friendly

What is the use of designing a website that your target audience is unable to find? So if you want to increase the popularity of your business, it is important that you increase the visibility of your site. Google and other search engines prefer a website that have been powered by WordPress as the WordPress framework is easy to crawl and hence the site’s visibility can be easily increased.

Easy To Customize

With the easy availability of thousands of themes and plugins, customizing a WordPress website is an easy task. With the click of a button, you can easily customize your site and add or remove functionality that you don’t want. So with this CMS, you can conveniently design and develop a website or a blog that you always wanted to do.

Safe And Secure

You must understand that every popular thing is targeted by hackers and WordPress is no different. However, this CMS takes the security of its customers very seriously and uptake different practices to protect them from potential threats and hackers. The software is constantly updated by WordPress to prevent attacks.

Easy To Use

Another great perk that WordPress comes with is the ease of use. The WordPress platform is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to learn. You can easily learn how to use WordPress in a matter of few minutes. WordPress is also popularly known as “5 minutes Install” because of the ease of use that it offers.

Active Support

There is an active community of WordPress developers that offer support to the people looking forward to learning WordPress or want to power a blog or website. You can easily voice your concern to the extensive WordPress community and they will resolve your concern through WordPress Forums.

Mobile Friendly

With the increasing use of smartphones, it is important for a website to be mobile friendly. The good news is that you can easily target your mobile audience by developing a website with WordPress. It is already mobile friendly and thus switching your business website to WordPress website would be the right decision.

Hosts Multimedia

In order to increase your users interest and to enhance their experience on your website, you can always add some relevant images and videos. WordPress makes it easy for you to include different videos and images into a post or multiple pages.

Easy To Manage

As mentioned earlier, the latest version of WordPress comes with built-in updater for increased security. Moreover, it also inform the users when the themes and plugins are required to be updated. This makes it easier to manage the website as you will never miss an update.

Not A Mere Blog

What was initially started as a mere blog has earned a reputation of being a great platform to design your website. You can develop a new WordPress website or switch your present website easily. As the WordPress contains page and post structure, you can easily add daily blog posts to increase your audience base.

Saves You Money

As WordPress is a free software, you can easily switch your current website without spending a lot of money. It is a user-friendly and open source platform and thus you won’t need technicians to launch or maintain your business website. Moreover, a person is not required to have technical knowledge to deal with WordPress.

Keep Your Site New

With the ease of customization that is offered by WordPress, you can regularly change the look or content of your website to keep it looking fresh. Online visitors always want to visit a website that catches their interest and what’s a better way to attract their attention than by making changes on your web pages?

Schedule Posts

If you need to upload regular posts on your website, WordPress will help you schedule the posts easily. Running a business is often seen as a time-consuming task as you have to look into different aspects. However, if you design a WordPress website, you can schedule the post ahead of time. This means that you can write the articles or blogs and schedule them, according to your convenience.

Add Testimonials

Don’t your website have testimonials? Testimonials left by previous clients are believed to be social proof and positive reviews can convert your prospects into leads. Testimonials assure your customers that investing in your services would be a worthy deal. Thus, if your website does not have testimonials and you are planning to switch your business website, make sure to install different plugins that will help you to display all the reviews left by your customers.

WordPress is one of the best platforms to design your business website. After making a switch, you will never regret your decision and would also recommend other people to develop their website with WordPress. With this content management system, you can easily keep all your files in one place and literally do everything with it. So according to me, you should definitely make a switch to explore the real power of WordPress.

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Top 15 techniques to double your conversion with landing page optimization


The landing page is responsible to generate qualified leads for your business. Who wouldn’t like to have a high converting landing page? More conversions automatically mean more profit and it also make sense for any business. The main aim of a well-designed landing page is to capture leads and convert them into profit. Therefore, the landing page must be designed with this aspect in mind. Make your landing pages interesting and engaging so that people like to visit your website again and again and again!!

Want to witness an increase in the conversion rate? If so, below written top 15 techniques will help you to enhance the conversions in the shortest time interval.

Clear and Concise Landing Page Design

It is important to make it easier for your visitors to know what your company is all about, what you are offering and what you want them to do. Many businesses who don’t focus on landing page designing & testing, are losing a their potential customers.

  1. Landing page designing must be easy-to-navigate to avoid conversion drop-offs. Clear the page from unnecessary information, images and clutter. Make it easy for your customers to navigate through your landing page.

  1. Online users do not read the content completely, therefore, make it accessible for them to scan the page. Use specifically written and easy to understand bullet points that make it convenient for your customers to know what you are offering.

  1. Having a clearly designed landing page is important to focus the user’s attention to your offer. Leave some empty or white space on your page to increase your conversions.

  1. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” so use images to interact with your online visitors. Images are very effective in lead generation as more interested a person is in your landing page, more easily will he convert.

  1. Your landing page also needs to clear the 5 second test. If your page does not appeal to its visitors in the first look, your online audience may leave and move on to other pages, which in certain cases, may be of your competitor’s.

Marketing is An Important Aspect

You direct the traffic from social media sites or email campaigns toward your landing page and when the online users land on your page, it must engage them so that they convert easily. So, remember to optimize your marketing tactics for increased conversion rate.

  1. The Call To Action asks the visitors to take an action that you want them to take. Therefore, the CTA should stand out from the page. It must be the most prominent feature of your landing page. So design call to action button with contrasting colors and keep it short.

  1. Use your marketing skills to define how your services are better than your competitors. Use a unique selling point or an impressive tag-line to stay ahead in the competition. The more convening your marketing tactics are, the more easily you will secure leads and sales.

  1. Use interesting phases to create a sense of urgency. According to a study, it has been found that people show an immediate response if a sense of urgency is created. Limit the supply of your offers or the number of offers by using expressions like, “only two days left, special offer for a limited time, don’t miss out.”

  1. If you want to increase your conversions, it is important that you have knowledge about the customers you are planning to target. Make a list of targeted markets. Remember the better you understand your clients, more easily will you be able to target them.

  1. Apart from customers, having knowledge about your competitors is also essential. Do a competitive analysis to find out the difference between your landing page and the one that your competitor’s have.

Develop Trust On your Landing Page

If you want to increase your conversion rate, building business credibility is vital. Be upfront about your services and products to the customers and make sure to communicate your services well. Remember, the more your audience trust you, more easily will they make a purchase.

  1. An essential factor that must be present on a landing page is your contact information. Show your phone number, links to your social media profiles, your address and if possible, a map of your location as well.

  1. Never promise a service or a time limit that you will be unable to fulfill. Remember, do not go over the top and over-promise something. If you want to increase your customers trust, make claims that you can fulfill easily.

  1. Consistency is an obvious point, but often the most neglected one. Keep your campaign consistent, if you want to generate leads. Make it a point to keep the list of benefits same throughout the marketing campaign to develop your customers trust easily.

  1. When writing content for the landing page, remember to keep the tone conversational. Talk to your customers and use “you” often in the context. Craft personal marketing campaigns, according to the targeted areas and customers. To impart trust, makes sure that your business relates to your customer’s requirement personally.

  1. Including testimonials from your previous clients is another way to increase your business credibility. People often trust customer reviews more than what a company says, so make sure to include positive reviews of your customers. To make it look more authentic, you can use your customer’s name and photo with the testimonials.

While designing a high converting landing page, remember to keep the length of the content in mind. An optimum balance must be maintained to increase your conversion rates. As the landing page is often seen as a part of the online campaign, remember to focus on the technical aspects as well. The landing page must be optimized using the Right Keywords, Page Titles, and Meta Tags.

Start with these few tips and get more leads and sales. The landing page is the face of your business, so remember to optimize it for increased profit.


How Custom Web Designer Can Give Your Website A Fresh Look ?

Custom Website Designing

In this digital age, to turn their business into a profitable venture, companies have to create an impressive online presence. The questions have changed from the simple one such as, “Do you need a business website?” to more complex questions, for example, what kind of a website is required? How to attract potential customers to the website? Is your website better from your competitor’s site?

By hiring custom web designers, you can be sure that you will get the best services. While you may be tempted to choose free web designing templates to design your site, custom designers will give a unique and new look to your business site. Entrepreneurs always want to convert their business into a credible brand and this can be achieved by designing a custom website for your business.

This post lists out different ways through which a custom web designer can help you to give a new look to your website.

You will have a domain name and a web host for your website. Thus, the designer will start with the redesigning project. He will start redesigning the website according to your requirements.

Customized Features

The web designer will add features and functionalities that are in sync with your business requirements. By having a custom website, you can easily bring your ideas into life and design a website that boast of your unique style. Custom websites are also scalable, which means, that they can easily adapt to your increasing business requirements and grow with time. They can be easily maintained and content can be added or removed from it.

One-Of-Its-Kind Website

When it comes to online business, appearance does matter. If you and your competitors have chosen a template website, both the sites will look the same. However, if you have opted for a custom website, it will make a good impression on your prospective clients. They will know that you are really serious about doing business. Custom web designers make sure that they design unparalleled and impressive website that easily attract peoples’ attention.

Search Engine Optimization

Web designers know that custom websites rank high in the search engine results and thus they advocate their use. With people in large number are searching the internet to find services or products, ranking high on the search engine has become a necessity. A well-designed site can easily attract the internet traffic as compared to a poorly designed website. Therefore, the custom web designer will make sure that you have a well-designed website because the amount of internet traffic received by a website is directly proportional to the success of your online business.

You Will Be A Part Of The Process

Custom web designing process starts with the website owner. You will be the one who will work with the designer to design a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website. You will make all the decisions regarding the website and decide what all is required to be kept and what is required to be deleted from the site. With a custom design, you will be in complete control of the website while this will not be the case with a template designed site.

Consistent Brand Identity

When expert custom web designers design a website, they think big. They craft a website that will ensure a consistent brand identity for your business. Your business logo, website, your social media profiles or your business card will have to be in sync with each other to increase your business credibility. Brands that have coherent visual language always leave a memorable impression on their visitors’ mind. Therefore, custom web designers craft the website by keeping this aspect in mind.

You can avail a number of benefits by opting for custom web design over template designed websites. Some of the most commonly seen advantages are:

  • More Customers

Having a well-designed and distinctive website automatically attracts more internet visitors. You can easily engage your potential customers by offering them a solution to their query. Online customers generally browse the internet to find a solution to their problem and if your services can give out a relevant solution to them, they will readily click on the call to action.

  • Distinct From The Competitors

While the websites designed with templates look similar, this is not the case with custom websites. Your website may offer the best solution, but if it is similar to the competitor site, they may all look the same. Therefore, custom websites give the entrepreneurs a chance to make their business website distinctive and impressive.

  • Custom Website Is Timeless

Custom websites can be easily improved, modified or customized according to a person’s requirements, thus they are simply timeless. While template websites cannot be modified and are outdated with time, content on the custom websites can be easily updated or removed. It is fully functional and let the owner have full control. You can also add certain functionalities that cannot be included in a template designed website.

  • Constant Support

Professional custom web designers offer consistent support to their customers even after the completion of the project. Ongoing support from dedicated web designers will keep your website working in the best condition. If you have chosen a dependable web designing company, the professionals will also help you in different web design and development aspects.

  • The Website Is “Yours”

While a majority of template designed websites seem to be a carbon copy of each other, custom websites are different. They have been designed from scratch by the web designer and thus are unique. Imagine a situation where you have to differentiate between template designed website, I am sure both of them will probably look the same. But if you view the custom website, chances are that you will stay on the site for a long time and eventually convert into a potential lead.

Professional and knowledgeable custom web designers can really give your website a new and amazing look. So if you are looking to get your website designed or redesigned, contact the professionals.

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How To Prevent Website From Google’s Awaited Algorithm On 21st April


So are you ready for the latest Google algorithm update – Mobilegeddon coming on 21st April? Wait a second, can you really count the number of times the search giant, Google has changed in the past few years? I think no, it is really hard to count the number of updates released by Google, however, every update had a huge impact on the ranking of the websites.

In this internet age, it is important for businesses to create and manage their online presence to attract potential clients toward their business. Therefore, if you want to prevent the latest update from decreasing your page ranking, make sure that you do not commit the following mistakes.

Allow Access To CSS, JavaScript, and Image Files

For an optimal mobile viewing experience and indexing of the websites, it is important that you always allow Googlebot access to image files, CSS and JavaScript used by the website so that it can easily index your site. If the site’s robots.txt files disallow website crawling, it can result in low rankings.

Therefore, make sure that you take the following actions to achieve an optimal ranking:

  • Make sure Googlebot the CSS, image files, and JavaScript

  • Use Google Webmasters Tools to check and test the robots.txt

  • Do not use a separate URL for desktop and mobile website

  • Use the mobile friendly test to check your mobile pages

Do Not Include Unplayable Content

Sometimes your website may include a video or content that is not playable on mobile devices. Unplayable content can be frustrating for your online visitors who may leave your site. This also leaves your mobile visitors with poor user experience. Therefore, make sure that no such unplayable content is present on your website.

You can choose to opt for the following measures to avoid committing this mistake:

  • You can use HTML 5 standard tags to include animation or videos on your website

  • Video-embedding can be used that are playable on different devices

  • Use transcripts with the videos to allow accessibility to the users who cannot view the video

Avoid Faulty Redirects

Does your website have separate URLs for mobile and desktop users? If yes, you may be redirecting the users. However, it is important that a visitor viewing your website from the mobile phone is not redirected to the home page of the desktop version rather he must be redirected to the appropriate website URL.

Recommended measures:

  • Use Webmaster Tools to detect whether or not your mobile users are being redirected to homepage or check any other faulty redirects

  • Set up your server so that mobile phone users are redirected to equivalent URLs

  • Use a responsive website instead of having two different websites

App Download Interstitials

Entrepreneurs sometimes promote their business’ native app to their visitors viewing their website through the mobile phone. This can happen when the site blocks the user from viewing the web page by asking them to download the website’s native application. If this activity is not done with care, it can cause indexing issues which can further disrupt the number of visitors visiting the website.

Recommended actions:

  • App inline can be promoted with the page’s content with the help of a simple banner. Implement the banner using:

  1. Operating system support or native browser

  2. An HTML banner that links to the correct application store

Ensure Best User Experience

There are certain sites that serve content to desktop users using a particular URL however a 404 Error is shown to the users viewing the URL from the mobile phone. Therefore, in order to offer the best user experience, redirect the mobile users to an equivalent URL instead of diverting them to the 404 error page. Also, take care that the mobile page is not an error page.

Actions to opt for:

  • Use webmaster tools to check the crawl error report as it will help you to get a list of URL that return smartphone-only errors

  • Use responsive design as it will help you to offer the same content to your users whether they are viewing the website on a desktop or a mobile phone

Avoid Irrelevant Cross-Links

Do you have a separate website for the desktop users and mobile audience? If you answered yes, you may have linked the mobile URLs with the desktop version and vice verse. If you have done this make sure that the pages are linked to equivalent URLs and there are no irrelevant cross-links. This is believed to be one of the most common error that is committed by the webmasters.

What to do:

  • Check the links to make sure that they are linked to the correct and equivalent URL and the mobile URLs are not linked to the home page of the desktop optimized website.

Ensure That The Mobile Page Loads Fast

In order to make your users stay on your website for a long time and to avoid frustration, it is important that your page loads fast. You just have 5 seconds to grab your visitors’ attention and if your website fails to load quickly, the online users will move on to some other website which will probably be of your competitors.

Action Recommended:

  • Check the loading speed of your mobile optimized page with the help of Google Pagespeed Insights

  • Focus on the speed sub-section

  • Address and resolve the issues as fast as possible

According to the latest survey, it was found that a majority of the populace use mobile phones to browse the internet and to find different services online. With the increasing mobile traffic, it is vital that your business has a responsive website or a mobile optimized website to cater to the needs of your audience viewing your website through different platforms.

With the recent update, Google aims at providing the best user experience to the visitors browsing the internet through their mobile phone. So avoid committing the above-written mistakes to see your website on the first page of the search engine results.